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论文题目 作者 刊物名称 发表年度
Body mass of the giant rhinos (Paraceratheriinae, Mammalia) and its tendency in evolution Shijie Li; Historical Biology 2022
The emblematic South African therocephalian Euchambersia in China: a new link in the dispersal of late Permian vertebrates across Pangea Jun Liu & Fernando Abdala; Biology Letters 2022
Apatite in Hamipterus tianshanensis eggshell: advances in understanding the structure of pterosaur eggs by Raman spectroscopy Ying Li; Heritage Science 2022
First Middle Devonian galeaspid from the Haikou Formation in Yunnan Province MENG Xin-Yuan; Vertebrata PalAsiatica 2022
Earliest giant panda false thumb suggests conflicting demands for locomotion and feeding Xiaoming Wang; Scientific Reports 2022
Squamation and Scale Morphology at the Root of Jawed Vertebrates WANG Yajing; Zhu Min et al. eLife 2022
Ancient Mitogenomes Reveal the Origins and Genetic Structure of the Neolithic Shimao Population in Northern China Jiayang Xue,Wenjun Wang; Fu Qiaomei et al. Frontiers in Genetics 2022
Discovery of a primitive Gomphotherium from the Early Miocene of northern China and its biochronology and palaeobiogeography significance Chunxiao Li; Shi-Qi Wang & Qing Yang Historical Biology 2022
The Evolution of the Spiracular Region From Jawless Fishes to Tetrapods Zhikun Gai; Zhu Min, Ahlberg Per E., Donoghue Philip C. J. Frontiers Ecology and Evolution 2022
Sexual selection promotes giraffoid head-neck evolution and ecological adaptation Shi-Qi Wang; Science 2022
A long-tailed marine reptile from China provides new insights into the Middle Triassic pachypleurosaur radiation Guang-Hui Xu; Yi Ren, Li-Jun Zhao, Jun-Ling Liao & Dong-Hao Feng Scientific Reports 2022
The rapid evolution of lungfish durophagy Xindong Cui; Matt Friedman, Tuo Qiao, Yilun Yu & Min Zhu Nature Communications 2022
A new mammal from the Lower Cretaceous Jehol Biota and implications for eutherian evolution Hai-Bing Wang; Simone Hoffmann, Dian-Can Wang and Yuan-Qing Wang Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B 2022
Xitunaspis, a new eugaleaspid fish (Eugaleaspiformes, Galeaspida) from the Lower Devonian of Qujing, Yunnan SUN Hao-Ran; GAI Zhi-Kun,CAI Jia-Chen,LI Qiang,ZHU Min,ZHAO Wen-Jin Vertebrata PalAsiatica 2022
A new dipnoan genus from the Middle Devonian of Huize, Yunnan, China Yanchao Luo; Xindong Cui, Tuo Qiao & Min Zhu Journal of Systematic Palaeontology 2022