aa3044永利集团:Pei Wenchung (1904-1982)

“Live at 75 as if you are 57.”


Dr. Pei Wenchung was born in Fengnan, Hebei Province. He is the founder of Chinese Paleolithic archeology and Quaternary mammalogy. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Paris in France in 1937. Pei discovered the first skull of Peking Man and was an important organizer of the excavation and research at the Zhoukoudian site. His research focused on prehistoric archeology, paleoanthropology, Quaternary geology, and mammalogy in China. He established the research methodologies and cultural system framework for Paleolithic archeology in China, and carried out comprehensive studies of the Mesolithic and Neolithic periods. Pei was elected as an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1955. In addition, he was an honorary committee member of the International Union for Quaternary Research, an honorary council member of the United Nations Committee of Prehistory and Early History, and an honorary member of the Royal Anthropological Institute. He worked as a professor and the director of the Division of Paleoanthropology of the IVPP.